Earn Cash From Shopping & More

Most Common Questions

How do I earn cash back by shopping online?

To shop online, find your desired stores using search or clicking on “Shop” where stores are listed alphabetically. Once you find the store of your choice simply click on the link and shop as you normally do! It is important that you click the link through your account so you get credit for your purchase.

Why do I have to be logged-in to this website to earn cash back when shopping online?

When you log-in, you are telling us that you are a member. We have agreements with our online retailers that when you, our member, make a purchase, they will give a percentage of that purchase back to you as cash back. This is their way of thanking you for shopping with them and supporting your effort to help you earn cash back. We track these purchases primarily through the path you take when you click from our site. The partner sees that you started at our site and therefore knows to reward you with cash back you've earned with your purchase.

How do I convert My Shopping Bookmarks cash credits to reduce my mobile bill or request a gift card?

When you hit the minimum of $10, you can simply click the “Redeem” button and select “Redeem for Mobile Credits”. If you haven’t yet, you will need to add your mobile carrier’s payment details such as your account number and your mobile carrier’s billing address (where your payments are sent). Every time your account hits $10, a “Redeem” button will appear on this page. Simply click and $10 will be credited on your mobile phone bill.

You also have the option to redeem your cash credits for a $25 gift card. When you have earned $25 in cash credits, you can go to “Redeem” and select, “Redeem for Gift Card”. You will need to add a mailing address.

What is the Referral Program?

When you invite your friends, co-workers, family, or any acquaintance to join this rewards program, we will pay you 10% or 10¢ for every dollar your friends earn from My Shopping Bookmarks! The amount YOU earn has no limits and never ends.

How do I refer friends to My Shopping Bookmarks?

Once you sign into your account click the 'Refer and Earn' tab. You can invite friends by submitting their email so we can send them the sign up link, copying your referral link to send via email or your blog, or clicking on the Facebook or Twitter share buttons to post an open invite on your feed. Once your friends join, you’ll automatically earn 10% of what they earn forever.

If I have questions My Shopping Bookmark cash credits that I have not received, what do I do?

It's easy! Make sure you give us two to sixty days for your cash back credits to show up in your account. Be sure to keep your receipts and If more time passes, simply email your receipt or proof of purchase to: support@billaway.com or click on the Missing Credit Form. Do not contact the store. They have no access to this information.

Who is Billaway and how are they connected to this site?

Billaway is the company that we have partnered with to help manage the reward program you are using. Billaway is one of the largest providers of loyalty programs throughout the United States. They use the latest security to protect all information on this system.

How do I enter to win $100 gift card?

All active My Shopping Bookmarks users are automatically entered to win this monthly prize. To be considered an active user to quality for the giveaway, one must have completed at least one activity during the month (i.e. printed a coupon, completed a survey or shopped online). The active user must also have their mailing address filled out in their profile (so we know where to mail the prize). Although users are acceptable worldwide, only US mailing addresses qualify for the monthly giveaway.